Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Go look at that picture of the tiger

The most recent thing that I put up on the site will soon be replaced by an actual comic, and will no longer exist at that point, so you better go look at it long and hard before it's gone. Just stare at that picture for as long as you can and occasionally hit the refresh button until the picture changes. Print it out if you want. It's a pretty good picture.

On an unrelated note, I'm back in school now, which (along with the fact that I spilled coffee on four different incarnations of the same goddamn comic) is mostly to account for my late-itude. I'm going to find a nice, well-lit place to draw today (that has no coffee nearby) and just power-draw the hell out of that comic. Then I will put it on the floor and point at it and shout "You drawn!"

Regarding the new website design, unless I start getting emails from Liberty Cabbage real soon, I'm going to have to go with a different website. Mike Ramsey has offered to make me a website himself just to spite Liberty Cabbage, since he apparently doesn't like him too much. Whatever. Someone had just better make me a damn website pretty damn soon, dammit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Damn man I'm getting all these votes

Okay, I don't understand something. For some reason, my vote count is the highest that it's been since May (which was my site's peak). At last check, it was up to about 189, and I haven't been able to break 200 for quite a while. The reason this is weird is that it happened while I was on my about-two-weeks-long break. Not that I'm complaining, of course... it's just weird. Do people prefer it when I'm not updating or something? Because that would be insulting.

I'll have a new site design in the near future, thanks to the author of Freedom Fries, who won my Make-Me-A-Website Contest by actually sending me an email. He gets a free t-shirt out of the deal, and will probably be in one of my comics in the near future, so good on him. If you tried to send me an email, but your computer broke, and you just wrote "email" on an envelope and put it in the mailbox, I probably didn't get it, so sorry, you don't win. I'll probably hold more contests in the future which will get you free t-shirts, but only if I'm really lazy and I want other people to do things for me.

Monday, September 12, 2005

This is an experiment

I just turned the comments function back on. This is mostly just to see if I get a bunch more spam from people selling diet pills like last time. If things go well, I'll leave it this way.

By the way, please, no joke posts pretending to be spam. It's funny and all, but a few of those were a bit to realistic for my tastes.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A word with Mike Ramsey

I don't feel especially inspired at the moment, so today's news update will just be a transcript of an AIM conversation between me and Mike Ramsey, who still won't update his website.

[18:55] Valuedan: The Sci-Fi Channel is having an all-Bruce Campbell day
[18:56] MikeRamsey: nice
[18:58] Valuedan: Including that really shitty "Alien Apocalypse" movie
[18:59] MikeRamsey: if by shitty you mean awesome
[18:59] Valuedan: That's not what I mean at all
[18:59] Valuedan: Ooh, they're showing "The Man With The Screaming Brain" soon
[19:00] Valuedan: I don't know what their schedule is over on the East Coast, but you should try to watch it
[19:00] MikeRamsey: my TV's fucked anyway
[19:00] Valuedan: That's what you get for trying to have sex with your TV
[19:00] MikeRamsey: don't judge me
[19:00] MikeRamsey: you'll never understand our love
[19:00] Valuedan: Ha ha did you get that joke back there it was pretty funny
[19:01] Valuedan: Oh god, Alien Apocalypse is SO BAD
[19:08] MikeRamsey: says you
[19:08] Valuedan: Are you watching it?
[19:08] Valuedan: No?
[19:08] MikeRamsey: no
[19:08] Valuedan: Then be QUIET!
[19:09] MikeRamsey: touché
[19:10] Valuedan: Replace the t with a d
[19:10] Valuedan: Huhuhuhuhuhuh

The conversation continued to degenerate after that. I would include more, but you can probably guess how it turned out.