Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yes, I am still alive

You know, theoretically, I should be drawing more comics while I'm on my holiday break (I prefer to say "holiday" so as not to offend all you grouchy old atheists and Hindus). I mean, I have all this free time, so it's like there should be more comics, but there are obviously less. The reason for this is that I have become the laziest man on the planet in the last week or two. I have sunk into a quicksand-like pit of laziness, and the only way for me to claw my way out is to cut off my legs, or maybe float a balloon with a rock tied to it toward a nearby vine of productivity and shoot it with a blowgun that I constructed from a bamboo shoot so that the rock dislodges the vine. The bamboo shoot represents something, but I'm too lazy to think of what that might be at this point.
Possible solutions to this problem might include getting screamed at by a really shrill person, jumping into a bathtub filled with ice water, or getting punched in the stomach every time I don't draw a comic, which is like every second. Now that I think about it, I believe that my laziness can be directly attributed to how warm I am at any given moment. It's been like five degrees for the last month here in Spokane, and now that the temperature has finally gone up, I suddenly want to draw comics again (because we don't have our furnace on at full blast all the time).

I wonder if you're allowed to patent speculations. If Jesus had done that, we wouldn't have all these cultists trying to commit suicide all the time.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why are they trying to update King Kong with modern music

Well, in addition to having finals earlier this week (I had planned for there to be a new comic today), my hard drive finally up and died, meaning I had to go buy another one. Fortunately, it's an upgrade from an 80 gig to a 200 gig hard drive, so whatever. I'll have a new comic up as soon as possible, maybe tomorrow. Go ahead and look at my front page and keep on pressing the update button every five seconds until your heart stops, because it's not like I can stop you or anything.

Also, they're playing Matchbox 20 music in the previews for King Kong. Why don't I just shoot myself.