Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why would someone do this

For the record, I would like to let all my readers know that I don't have an especially filthy mind. I don't try to find symbolism and sexual connotations in everything or laugh at people when part of a word they're saying sounds kind of like a dirty word. I don't do that.
But take a look at this.

Obviously I have removed anything that would directly signify what kind of cereal this is, but you know what it is. Apparently, this brand of cereal is introducing a new "Cherry Cherry" cereal piece that is shaped like an 8. That's not so odd, but they also seem to have included a little scratch and sniff dealie near the bottom.

Let's take a closer look. See anything wrong with this picture?

Look at it.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Stop blocking me, stupid

Apparently I have offended my friend Daggabouche with my comments about his comic, because he has blocked me on the instant messenger program I use. There has been nothing but misery and despair surrounding this comic since its creation... a big, brown miasma of sadness that just spins around and gets gross clumps of sadness in your hair and you can't get it out, not even with a comb.
Anyway, I don't know what his deal is. It's not like I actually insulted the comic or anything (even though plenty of you have). If anything, I was defending the comic. It was funny, and by god, it was plenty better than this shit or this shit (which still seems to be on the top ten list for some goddamn reason). I think you chumps are just spoiled now that I'm drawing the comic, and not doing the crappy pixel-art thing. Daggabouche's comic compared to my comic a little better back in those days, but you folks don't seem to be into that anymore.
Anyway, if you're reading this, Daggabouche, you should stop blocking me. I might even consider publishing your guest comics with your original, more offensive name instead of "Daggabouche."

EDIT: Look at this cool picture I made.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Google Cat

As an undergraduate, my brother Josh invented a game with his roommate called "Cat." The basis of the game was that each played would think of a term to be inputted into Google Image Search, and whoever managed to produce the most results without eventually getting a photo of a cat was deemed the winner. Since idiots always like to post pictures of their cats on the internet, it is almost impossible to come up with a term that will not get you a cat. Here are a few additional rules for those of you that want to play this game because you have no life:
-Pornographic results are an automatic disqualification ( it is recommended that you play this game with a filter on)
-Drawings of cats do not count, but do not necessarily lead to disqualification
-Any results that are drawn in "furry" style (half animal, half person) automatically disqualify the term, since it counts as pornography for being weird and disturbing
-The loser has to wear a paper hat with the words "I lost at cat" for an entire day, and may not explain the hat to anyone

This can also be played as a drinking game, in which the players must drink one beer for every five pages of photos that come up without a cat. This is probably the least fun drinking game to play, but you'll play it anyway because you're such a loser.

Monday, January 16, 2006

This is a four-part post

There's an old rule (I think it was started in the mid-nineties) that applies directly to my current situation: when you're busy with work or school, you want to do nothing but draw comics, but when you've got unlimited free time, you just want to sit around. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but the fact remains that I've basically been drawing one comic for about three weeks now, and I don't even like it very much (it will be posted tomorrow). There have also been more obvious problems such as my computer meltdown and the fact that I haven't reinstalled Photoshop yet, but those are pretty much out of the way by now. I've also found a way to streamline my comic production in the future, so look out for comics to possibly come out on time for once (I want to say that I'll be able to make more that one a week, but I'm not guaranteeing anything... I'm sure that all four of you are wetting your pants with excitement about this).

And of course, Comic Genesis (formerly Keenspace) has welcomed my return by redesigning its site yet again, making it load even slower than before. They've also added a new login button that doesn't do anything, because it doesn't let you login in the same way that it used to. One of the higher-ups in the Comic Genesis heirarchy explains it as this in the forums:

"Okay, there's been some confusion on the two siteadmins. So, I'm going to color-classify them.

The old bluish Siteadmin is at http://siteadmin.comicgenesis.com:8080 and looks bluish/cyan with bits of green. This you log in with your comic account -- and for some folks it's a bit quiry to get into.

The new red Siteadmin is at http://siteadmin.comicgenesis.com and looks all red. This you do not use your comic account on. You use your forum account to get in, and then attach your comic to it. You also need to use this red Siteadmin to see all your PREMIUM area files by the webserver, but that's something for later."

In other words, the old login button that was useful is nowhere to be found on the main site, and has been replaced with a new login button that doesn't do anything yet, and the only way to login is to read this forum post. Of course, rather than being understanding to their artists' concerns, they say this:

"Please, if you can't get into one and want to post about it, please tell us which one you're having problems with, and try the other one!"

In other words, it's your fault for being confused, not their fault for being confusing.

Also, in order to sate their own hubris (I've been taking writing classes), they went ahead and "threw the switch" and forced all their artists to include the lame "comicgenesis" tag on their sites instead of the cozy old "keenspace" one, meaning a lot a artists (including myself) had to clean up a lot of broken pages to make up for this. Comic Genesis defended their actions here by stating that "you all had your warning it was comming, and now it's happened." It's important to them that people who read my comic KNOW that my host site is now called Comic Genesis. Important! HEY! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? YOU BETTER PAY SOME GODDAMN ATTENTION BECAUSE IT'S NOT KEENSPACE ANYMORE! YOU HEAR THAT? IT'S COMIC GENESIS, YOU DUMB ASSHOLES!

Finally, I've been getting a lot of complaints about the current comic being extraordinarily bad. One fan by the name of "Scurvy" remarked that the comic "sucks," and that I am an "idiot" for letting it stay up for any amount of time, let alone several weeks. Let me just go on the record as saying that this kind of talk should be discouraged as a result of it being not very nice. You should be grateful that I put up anything at all, let alone this quality comic about a kid that fails ESP class for not being good at ESP. Shame on you.