Tuesday, March 28, 2006


You know, every once in a while I hear suggestions from my fans, telling me that they think it would be a good idea to set up a forum. And every once in a while, I contemplate the benefits of doing so. Maybe it would help to consolidate a community, and keep my fans coming back to my comic again and again. Maybe they could help improve my site by giving constructive critism, and I could hold contests and such, and good times could be had by all.

But then I see something like this. Look closely near the top of that page. See the word "locked?"

Apparently the people on Jeff Rowland's boards were such assholes that he has locked his entire forum. It's hard to imagine someone doing something THAT BAD to make someone angry enough to pull a stunt like that, considering that most people on forums are assholes already.

However, things had gotten so bad that people started creating threads with the INTENT of getting them locked. They'd purposely post pictures bigger than the required size, knowing that Jeff had to pay for bandwidth space out of his own pocket. On the last thread created, they had apparently decided to post pictures of enormous screenshots of threads that had been banned over and over and over. not only that, but they did so with a "we're your fans, so you owe us" kind of attitude, as if Jeff was in the wrong for locking a thread with pictures of people drinking piss. As one person put it:

"I don't think that this is your living room. It's an open message board. As long as the "owners" continue paying the bills around here they are welcome. As soon as you miss the payments, you're out, you chumps... we come here not for you and your cheesy strips but for the community. Your system of Owners and Users does not do much to build community. So just SHUT UP"

So no, I won't start a forum. I don't trust you. Not to say that most of you wouldn't be perfectly nice on there, but it only took about three or four people to completely ruin Jeff's forums.

Oh, by the way, I'm still in Texas. I'm flying back to Washington on Wednesday, and then I'm driving my brother to Seattle to some anthropology conference. It'll be gr-r-reat.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hey guys guess what I've been doing in Texas

Day 1: I spent all this time on the plane today. Every time I tried to listen to music the guy next to me (not Nate) started groaning and sighing like I was inconveniencing him so much. Like he was trying to sleep or something. We ate at Whataburger and I got a Whataburger. I have not slept in about 48 hours I want to go to sleep.

Day 2: I got some sleep. Boy howdy we is having some fun here in Texas. It's basically the closest thing in the country to just pure anarchy. There are barely any laws here in Texas, meaning that you could just drive straight through a red light while shooting a yield sign with a rifle with one hand and drinking two separate bottles of vodka with the other one right in front of a cop, and he'll just pretend he didn't see anything. It's kind of refreshing after spending my entire life in the confining authoritarian atmosphere of Washington, where they ticket you for driving half a mile over the speed limit without a garbage bag in your car.
We watched V for Vendetta today, which was pretty good. That guy likes to say words with the letter "v" in them. I think it's because he has V in his name! Then we saw a movie called "Surf Nazis Must Die," which I do not recommend to people that only watch good movies. Also, we ate at Fatburger today, and I got a fatburger. With cheese.

Day 3: We went to the Kettle, and I got a chicken fried steak sandwich. Then we went to Sonic Drive-in and I got a bacon burger on texas toast. Hopefully I won't die of diabetes or something before this trip is over, because that would not be a cool thing to die from. Incidentally, I want to be shot by a cowboy and fall off a balcony in an old west-style town when I die. My face will fall into a big pile of horse poop, and an old man without teeth with laugh at me before having an ironic heart attack.

Day 4: We were planning on driving to Corpus Christi and checking out the place where Cheney shot that dude in the face, but my brother decided he didn't want to drive for ten hours today. He is so lazy.
We went to Church's Chicken and I got a chicken sandwich. I don't think my brother's oven works or something.

More to come.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My very first hate mail (kind of)

I got this email the other day regarding a fan art I made for White Ninja back around the Super Bowl.

From: "Pete Roth"
To: valuedan@comcast.net
Subject: Your comic on white ninja
Date: Friday, March 17, 2006 8:02:16 PM [View Source]

Blew. Seriously, The Steel City kicks (and kicked) your ass.


- A 'Stiller' fan for life.

I replied with this:

More like the referees kicked our asses. Don't worry, though... I'm sure you'll get your asses kicked pretty good once Ford sends its factories to Mexico.


Also an interesting thing to note is a postscript on the confirmation email that Kent Earle from White Ninja sent to me about that comic:

Thanks for your fan art. It will be up in a couple weeks.


PS. the Seahawks were robbed.

Friday, March 17, 2006

You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older

I found this site while catching some waves on the intersurf today. Apparently this guy's been taking a picture of himself every day since 2000. I just had to make an animated gif out of it.

You can check it out by going here.

Watch as he ages six years in twenty seconds. You can almost see him transform from a high school kid to a college student to a world-weary alcoholic.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Posting on a blog can be hard work

Sorry about the slow updating. Finals are a bee-eye-itch, as usual. I'll see if I can shoot out a comic some time before I go to Tejas for Spring Break a week from today, and then I'll see if I can make some lame-o diary comics that take place in Tejas. You know how it is with that shit.

Reclamare just got his shit together with Paypal, so it looks like we can pay for the hosting of our site soon. We think we know who we're going to go with, but there's like a million hosters out there and they all offer these dumb plans. I got a PHONE CALL today by a hosting company that found out that I had registered a domain with GoDaddy a few months ago and it made me feel like an official businessman for some reason. I'm sure the novelty will wear off after the first ten sales calls about that kind of thing and I'll just be pissy again about being called during dinner like the rest of you.

Which reminds me: if you have suggestions for good hosting providers that aren't assholes or who you think is a better choice than whoever you think we would be going with, go ahead and email me about it, please. Send your emails to valuedan@eagles.ewu.edu (the old Comcast address gets like 40 spams a day now so if you send an email there I might accidentally delete it and that would be sad). Also, if you have a comic that you think is good, you might be able to get in on the ground floor with Burning Barrel comics and become part of the next big wave. The only rules are:
-No porno comics
-No furry comics
-No sprite comics (unless they're non-video game based)
-Comics must have some appeal that other comics do not have
-No shitty comics
-Author has to be a team player

Also, you will have to pay a really small monthly fee (less than $5 a month)... but that's still a better deal than you'll get on Comicgenesis, which we hope to someday leave.

Last thing: anyone out there any good at designing websites? None of us are. If you would like to help us out on this, please contact me about it. PLEASE. I'll give you money!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is Burning Barrel Comics a good name for a comics group

Check out my new avatar. That's not actually what I look like, but for all you know it is.

Also, I'm starting a webcomics group with my brother and Reclamare called Burning Barrel Productions. We're going to get some webhosting company to host some sites for us so we can set up a big ol' page for it and put some stuff on there. It's all going to be hobo-themed, which you'll notice if you look at all our avatar pictures. We'll have a forum, do some schmoozing, maybe try and engulf a few more comics... it'll be glorious. Plus, maybe we can get out of this bullshit Comicgenesis rut and make a real name for ourselves.

On an unrelated note, one side of my jaw hurts for no reason. Maybe one of my wisdom teeth are coming in? I hope so, because that will give me another excuse as to why my comics are constantly late that doesn't involve my being lazy.

EDIT: here's some animated gifs I made. They're my first ones, though, so don't make fun of me.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here are several topics for your perusal

First order of business: oh my god Reclamare I'm sorry that I didn't mention your website sooner I'll do that right now. To all you cats out there looking for a political-type comic by a Canadian dude that knows way more about American politics than he should, look no further. This comic in particular had me shooting milk and cocaine out my nose (and then blood a few seconds later). Plus, he seems to be updating his site fairly frequently, which is a weird thing to do. Must be some kind of publicity stunt.

Second order of business: I've had complaints from a few people (including my mother) that my comics are constantly either disgusting or misogynistic. Looks like the Liberal PC Thought Control Police are out to get me and put fluoride in my water so I'll forget that I'm being oppressed by the New York Times. Well, I'm not going to let Hilary Clinton and her extreme left-wing ACLU robots turn me into a non-female feminazi with their donkey rays. I say "BRING IT ON" just like President Bush because you can't stop me with your socialist vegetarian manifestoes and such because this is a free country where you can say whatever you want and complain about people saying whatever they want as long as they disagree with you unless you're someone that isn't me in which case you should just shut up because I don't swing that way, guy.


Third order of business: I talked to the people at the International Studies office at my college about studying in Russia my senior year, and they told me that no one at my school has opted to study in Russia for about ten years. Also, the woman I talked to was all like "you can't take classes over there because they don't have enough professors that speak English to make up an entire year's worth of classes," to which I responded "If I wanted to take classes where the professor spoke English, I wouldn't be going to Russia." She seemed surprised, which doesn't make a bit of sense considering that she worked in the International Studies office. I guess people at this podunk college that I'm going to don't like having to learn the language of whatever country they're planning on living in for a year.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


New comic coming up some time on Tuesday. It's all drawn and everything, but I still need to color it and I'm not going to do it now because it's like 3:00 am and I want to go to sleep so there you go. Don't nobody be giving me the business about my comic being so late, neither, or I'll kick you in your business, old school.

Reasons for my comic being late:
-I dug our old record collection out of the garage and have been listening to it because it's pretty good.
-I've been working hell of hard on school work and also some video games.
-This dude stomped on my hand and it still kinda stings when I try to move my thumb around but that ain't no thing.
-I was driving the other day and I saw a car get smashed by this garbage truck because the driver was looking at me instead of the car in front of him because I guess my car was just that cool, so anyway I got like some post-traumatic stress syndrome, but not enough to make me stop and help the guy that got hit.
-Been reading this book about Vlad the Impaler and it made me start thinking about what it would be like to be impaled upon a spike and when I was done thinking about that it was like 5:00 am and I found out that I'm supposed to be asleep.

Anyway, comic later. Soon. Barfgleu.