Thursday, June 15, 2006

100th Post Spectacular-r-r-r-r

Yes, it's been one-hundred posts since I started this retarded (or rather, retarted) blog. To celebrate, I'm going to do something I almost never do: talk about politics.

The Republican Party seems to be rather full of itself right now, what with Rove having gotten away scott-free and Zarqawi being killed. Almost makes you forget about the last six years of total bullshit we've been having to swallow, huh? That's what the Republicans are hoping you'll do in the next four months, anyway.
Ever seem to notice that the Republican Party seems to be on an upturn right before any of their elections? And they get so fucking optimistic about it, too. Go find the nearest Republican you know, and I guarantee you that he will look pretty much like this:

Just like a dog that just scarfed like three pounds of shit. I even drew some shit dribbling out of his bloated lips for effect. You can just imagine that guy about to open his mouth and scream "HA! Rove DIDN'T get indicted even though he committed treason, you LEFTIES!" all with little bits of human shit spraying all over your face.
Of course, I'm only basing this off the few news stories I've read over the last few weeks, including one I heard on NPR from the editor of the National Review, which was basically just five minutes of him saying "Ha ha, that's what you gee-eeeet!" in a sing-songy voice. To be honest, I didn't even know about the National Review until very recently, but it's apparently just a bunch of idiot Republicans saying stupid things like "Closing Guantanamo would be a psychological victory for al Qaeda" and "Democrats will be in one nationwide bad mood come the morning after election day." It also appears to have AT LEAST two black Republicans as contributing writers, meaning that probably about an eighth of all black Republicans work for the National Review.

Let's look at that picture again after having read some of the stories on the National Review.

In other political news, it seems that my old rabble-rousing friend Mike Ramsey just started up HIS OWN blog, which so far is pretty good. If you haven't heard of him, he's the disappearing act that drew Sidwood until he became the political cartoonist for the State News. Since then he has been accused of "being a liberal," "hating our troops," and "not having a clue" by economics and business majors from all over his college campus. I recommend you go check his shit out, and by shit I mean it's "the shit" like I hear kids saying these days.


Blogger Jdude said...

Is your token-republican not wearing a shirt, or are his generous folds of flab merely too generous to be constrained by any conventional clothing materials?

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