Monday, June 05, 2006

Man this shit is too hard

After reading over my list a few times, I've decided that it's way too much work to do in about a week's time before heading off to Russia, and that I'd rather spread all that work over about a year. Just like everything else I do.
Anyway, I'm getting an apartment with my buddy Kyle Chapman, who was actually really eager to share an apartment with me since I'd be paying a goodly portion of the rent. Also, his backup apartment-sharer (in case I actually did end up going to Russia) was actually Kyle McMahon, the real-life person that the character in my comic is based off of. Just so you all know, he's just as belligerent and annoying in real life as he is in the comic, so Chapman was kind of relieved that I was taking his place.

Onto other possible news, Reclamare has our Burning Barrel site done! It is very pretty (I am a big fan of red-orange myself), and it is sure to get us a lot more traffic once we actually start telling people about it. I'm also planning on using the same site to host Biscuits for Breakfast, so that I can start running Google ads on my site and raking in some of that sweet sell-out cash.

Also, I might start following the leads of some of my idols and start selling some of my junk to my fans. Anyone out there want to buy a mosaic painting of an old Soviet propaganda poster that I made for an art class? Or how about a color wheel? I'll do this all eBay style someday.


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