Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is anyone still reading this?

Sorry I've been AWOL for a month , but I recently decided that I'm totally tired of Biscuits for Breakfast now. I'm tired of drawing it, thinking up comics for it, or even looking at it. To me it just looks so bad, I can't stand it.

This happens all the time with webcomics, though. An artist will write himself into a hole, or he'll set his own standards too high and become disappointed with his work, or whatever. That's the way it goes. I've always been notoriously slow with my updates, but especially the last half-year or so, because I really just wasn't into it. Sorry.

So let me just finally announce it all official-like: I'm done drawing Biscuits for Breakfast. No, I won't finish the plot line or end it in any sort of graceful fashion. I'm going to do this like I'm tearing off a band-aid. Besides, I think the only people who would have been disappointed by the comic's ending (or the plot being left wide open) are people that I've already told about it personally.

However, I realize how much this sucks if you actually WERE a fan. The news on THAT front is that I'm starting a new comic, which I've drawn about 11 strips for so far. Once I can get the site going, which should take another week, I'll have that mother going and we can get back to business. It's called "Solid Gold Mummies," it's written by me, and exquisitely drawn by my brother, who assures me that he won't let his hectic schedule of digging for bones and screaming at his dog get in the way of drawing new stuff for me. These comics are so easy for me to make that I'm seriously considering doing a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for them. Seriously.

When I move to the new site, I'll move all my old comics there, as a sort of "look at this crap I used to make isn't it quaint" archive of the past. I'm not just going to throw them in the dumpster... after all, they took up at least two years of my life. Though they may have grown into greasy, back-talking adolescents, they're still my children. I'm not disowning them, I'm just kicking them out of the house. Plus, I still like writing on this here blog, and the updates will be more common from now on, believe me.

As for Biscuits for Breakfast... well, I'll see what happens a year or so from now. If my drawing class this fall (!) actually turns out to be helpful, maybe you'll see their glorious return. Don't worry too much about it for now, though.


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